After you make Contact with us…

We get together with you and do a Site Reconnaissance and Evaluation and collect your Project Program, mind Goals and Requirements.

Then we can provide a Proposal and/or Service Authorization to you for our services based on those needs.

When you give us the ‘go ahead’, look we will generate Base Plans to do our design work over.

The first creative step is to develop Conceptual Designs and hash out the General Concept with you, ambulance for your approval.

Depending on the need, we might include Design Development/ Project Cost Evaluation Plans as a next step.

Once the design and costs are acceptable, we will generate Construction Documents for jurisdictional approval, bidding and actual Construction of the project.

During Construction, we can provide Observation services to assure conformance to the plans.

Lastly, a Final Walk Through with you, to identify any detail corrections needed, and/or verification of conformance of the construction to the plans, for any jurisdictional approval that might be needed. And your project will be a wrap.

Concept Sketch

Concept Sketch


Design Development

Construction Document

Construction Document

Construction Document

Construction Observation