You Don’t Have to Settle for a Yard Full of Gravel and a Couple of Succulents

By June 3, 2015Landscape

With the launch of our updated web site we have the opportunity to share our thoughts, viagra 100mg ideas, check and opinions with you as they relate to our professional expertise. We hope to encourage and inspire you embrace good design and common sense when creating your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Every property owner in California, with any ornamental landscaping, is being confronted with the current drought situation and the need to reduce their water to it. Lots of owners have taken the state turf removal rebate and gotten scammed by crooked ‘contractors’ who replace their turf with gravel or decomposed granite and a few succulents, leaving chunks of the property looking like a Palm Springs desert garden.

Unless you live in Desert Center or Blythe or a similar climate, there are so many options to that scenario.

Over the coming weeks/months we are going to remove the turf in our front yard and replace it with low or no water use shrubs and groundcovers, and show you how we do it as we go along, using some California natives and other adaptable plant material that have a more lush appearance and aren’t so trendy.

This will involve repurposing our existing spray irrigation system too, the whole point of this exercise.

We also, along with our plant material expert, Kim Sterling, are going to give you images of plants that grow and look good together, for your consideration.

So here we go… this is an image of the area we are going to renovate.


I’ll talk about turf removal next time. Sometimes it’s not as easy as you’d think…

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